Prague Fantasy



Prague, Czech Republic New Year’s Fantasy 2015-2016

‘Prague’ – The golden city. There can hardly be another town in the whole of central Europe that has been so often and so variously praised by the figures from all spheres of the arts. Rainer Maria Rilke described his birthplace, as “a vast and rich ofepic of architecture”, and Goethe labeled it “the most beautiful jewel in the Bohemian crown”. The 19th-century Czech writer and journalist Jan Neruda, whose characteristically humorous literary depictions of Prague are still popular with readers today, claimed that “there is no other town to rival Prague in beauty”. The city of 100 spires, “Golden Prague” a jewel in the heart of the new Europe. Culture, tradition and a lively atmosphere present themselves in beautifully restored cultural monuments and former aristocratic palaces. The awe-inspiring panorama of the castle and St. Vitus Cathedral capture the heart of every visitor, a walk across Charles Bridge is a must…

Although the narrow lanes of the Old Town and Lesser Town lend themselves to romantic walks, Prague also has its modern facets.
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Blackpool Fantasy

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  May 2016 – Dates to be Announced Soon!
Attend the world’s most prestigious ballroom competition: the Blackpool Dance Festival! From here, experience the gorgeous Lake District and historic Bath, ending with five spectacular days in 2012’s Olympic city, London. Enjoy all of the rich history, shopping and entertainment the grand city has to offer!
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Barcelona Fantasy

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Experience three of the most dynamic and exciting cities in Spain. Ramble through a cosmopolitan city of Gothic spires and contemporary curves with Barcelona. Marvel at the tradition of flamenco and experience the heritage of art and architecture in Madrid and Seville that is without rival.